Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Which bike for me ?

Just received my first comment ! Woooooo!

Mathew asked a pretty good question.

Basically "Which bike should I get?"

Well it depends.

If you just want a folding bike to use every now and then, say not more than a cruisy ride round the park once a week, then the cheaper Dahons would do the job.

The Dahon Boardwalk ($500), Impulse ($550) and Vitesse ($650) are simple 6 speed bikes with a relatively upright riding position. The components are cheap and cheerful, but will wear out pretty quick if you use it more frequently.

If you want to do long rides where there are big hills, or you want to carry stuff (touring gear, or lots of shopping) then a 24 gear option would be quite useful. The Birdy Blue at $2350, Dahon Speed Pro (on special for $1500) or Speed TR (on special for $1200), are nice to ride, adjustable for comfy positions and have the ability to carry stuff.

If you want something for regular shorter rides (say an hour or less?) , commuting , fitness riding, the midrange Dahon and base Birdys are the go.

The Dahon Speed 8 ($800) and Helios ($950) and the Birdys with suspension front and rear , Orange (now $1600!) and Silver($2200).

In general, the Birdys have better quality bits, and well they should, starting at $1600. The Birdys are nice to ride because the suspension allows for high pressure tyres (fast and easy riding) , and the suspension smooths out the bumps.

Both Dahon and Birdy fold in about 15 seconds after a bit of practice , to roughly the same size, although the Dahon package is a bit neater.

For more details , check out the links in the right column to Dahon and Birdy websites.

Or ask me some more questions!


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

new folding bikes blog !

Gday folders !

We are setting up as a resource and ecommerce site which will initially be stocking all the Dahon and Birdy bikes and accessories available in australia.

I want to have lots and lots of info to help you get more out of your folding bike. Reviews, tips and links to cool events and websites with folding bike info

Folding bikes are great for small houses, boats, planes, caravans, getting on and off public transport fo commuting, or just when you're tired.